Beer Beauty

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verzorgingsproducten voor mannen ter wereld

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Schoonheid op basis van bier

Mannen die van bier houden, vinden het Beer Beauty-assortiment van Carlsberg wellicht de beste nieuwe verzorgingsproducten ter wereld!

Carlsberg Laboratories (de onderzoeks- en ontwikkelingstak van Carlsberg Breweries) en cosmeticaproducent Urtegaarden hebben de handen in elkaar geslagen voor de creatie van een assortiment verzorgingsproducten voor hem, gemaakt met echt Carlsberg-bier.

Gist, hop, gerst en schoonheid

Bij Carlsberg gebruiken we enkel de allerbeste gist, hop en gerst voor ons wereldberoemde lagerbier. En op een dag zagen we het licht! Deze ingrediënten zitten boordevol vitamine B en silicium, en zijn dus goed voor je haar en je huid. Daarom besloten we ons eigen bierrecept te ontwikkelen, ons eigen beautyrecept. Schoonheid op basis van bier. Geweldig!


Vakmanschap is voor ons een erezaak. Daarom gebruiken we enkel de allerbeste ingrediënten voor ons bier. Of in dit geval onze shampoo. Wellicht de beste shampoo ter wereld. Giet hem nu over je hoofd! 

Drink met mate, maar verzorg je mateloos!


Deze bom van vitamine B en collageen maakt je haar weer sterk en glanzend. En als je trouw blijft, behoren die 'bad hair days' voortaan tot het verleden. Wellicht de beste conditioner ter wereld.
Drink met mate, maar verzorg je mateloos!


Wat gebeurt er wanneer je onze vertrouwde vrienden gerst, hop en gist op je lichaam smeert? Wellicht de beste lotion ter wereld. Dat is wat er gebeurt. Het is een hemelse combinatie van bier en schoonheid.
Drink met mate, maar verzorg je mateloos!


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Beer'd Beauty

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Beer for Beards

Following the success of our first Beer Beauty series, Carlsberg Laboratories, the Research and Development arm of Carlsberg Breweries, has, together with cosmetics producer Urtegaarden, created a new series of male grooming products: Shaving Gel, Aftershave Cream and Moustache Cream, made from real Carlsberg beer. Each product contains 0.2 l. of freeze-dried Carlsberg premium beer. The new range of shaving products has been specially created in support of Movember and to raise funds and awareness of vital mens health issues.

Bros, Mos & co.

With all antioxidants and antibacterial acids from our premium hops, our beer’s beauty products help you grow and groom great beards and mos. They also help all the bros out there, as all proceeds go to the Movember foundation. Order your set today. Support Movember. Shave responsibly.

Shaving Gel

A beard is a beer’d. As long as you use our shaving gel made from beer, that is. It contains antioxidants and antibacterial acids from our premium hops. Yes, the same hops we use when we make our world famous lager. Probably the best beer’d in the world.

Aftershave Cream

Shaving isn’t just about the ‘stache. Or the beard. It’s also about this aftershave cream. And the antioxidants, oils and antibacterial acids from the premium Carlsberg hops that we’ve put in it. Probably the best beer’d in the world.

Moustache Cream

A mans Mo says something about him. And if you’re using this cream, yours is probably saying: I’m a ‘stache that prefers premium hops. You know, because they’re rich in antioxidants and have antibacterial properties. Probably the best beer’d in the world.

Carlsberg For Movember

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Carlsberg in support of Movember

For us, helping to raise money for Movember is just as natural as raising a pint.
We love a ‘stache. Nourished by all of the antioxidants, oils and antibacterial acids from our premium Carlsberg hops and fueled by the beer’d love from Copenhagen.
Our founder, J.C. Jacobsen, was deeply committed to science and promoted ground-breaking discoveries. Moreover, for more than 100 years, Carlsberg Group has given away 30% of all dividends to science, art and culture through the Carlsberg Foundation. Our support for Movember is therefore very much in the spirit of our founder and his legacy.

You can help us support Movember by buying our beer’d beauty products, but if you want to do more, you can become one of our Mo Bros or Sistas by joining our network here and help Movember with a donation.
And of course, remember what this is all about: get checked, and remind everyone you care for to do the same. Probably the best use of your Mo.

Mo Tips

Probably the best way to grow & groom this Movember

We have teamed up with Carls’ in Copenhagen -probably the best barber in the word - to help you grow your stache in support of Movember. Watch all six episodes and grow, probably the best beer’d in the world.

Beer gives probably the greatest beards

More then 46.000 employees all over the world. That is probably a lot of facial hair all together! Since 1847 we have grown great Mos and we are still proud of our lip fur today. Especially when it grows for a good cause. See how Carlsberg does Movember by watching our furry video gallery. Like it? Then help us support men’s health: you can buy some of the Carlsberg range of shaving gel, aftershave cream and moustache (link), or donate through our Movember network

Press Material - Beer'd Beauty

Carlsberg launches Beer’d Beauty – limited edition shaving products made from real Carlsberg beer – to raise awareness of men’s health issues through the Movember Foundation.